20 Years of Suffering

Hi, I am 34 year old, male, from Mumbai, India.

I have been getting daily tension type headaches since the past 20 years, and once or twice a week, they progress into severe migraine headache. Occasionally, i suffer from bouts of severe depression. I have been on beta-blockers, anti-depressants, muscle relaxants and pain killers. Unfortunately, nothing worked for me and I kept getting these daily headaches.

Recently, I got another long list of pain killers and other medicines from my doctor in the hope that my suffering would finally end (I did not have the financial means to go for BOTOX treatment). However, after years of taking such medicines without any improvement in my symptoms, i decided not to take them. My latest blood report showed that I was deficient in 25(OH)Vitamin D (Total). My level was 15.52 ng/mL (According to the lab report, anything less than 20 ng/mL is regarded as deficient). I went through some scientific literature and found some cases where Vitamin D deficiency was the root cause of tension and migraine headaches. I immediately started taking one 2000 IU Vitamin D3 soft gelatin capsule and one Cod Liver oil 1000 mg Hi-strength soft gelatin capsule after breakfast, and one 1250 mg Calcium Carbonate tablet equivalent to 500 mg of elemental calcium after dinner. Within four days tension type headaches have dramatically reduced in severity, no migraine headaches and marked improvement in depression.

After 20 years of living with near constant pain, I am finally feeling normal. Hence, as this combination is preventing my chronic daily tension headaches and debilitating migraine, I plan to continue with these supplements and observer their long term effects.

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