Waiting for a cure...

I'm not sure if there exist any other thing in life which is known by only its host. No matter which doctor you go or which MR you are taken, in every way you seem as if there is no problem but it is not the case inside the brain. Nobody can imagine the limits of this pain except the people having it. What I hate among all of the effects is being paralyzed when it comes to thinking and deciding or calculating. Since these effects are also bad for psychology, they are capable of leading to depression.

The other thing is to be examined by yourself as doing something requiring inteligence more, because if you force your limits, then you may end up with a heavy pain. I have tried many things so far ranging from trying to ignore it -turned out to be unsuccessful- to sleeping at least 12 hours in a room not having been let the sun shine in. Nothing worked, now just taking medicines driving you drunk works. In fact this gives me a tip about the possible origins of migraine. Now that I can heal by this kind of drugs and getting drunk. Since getting drunk causes you to be very relax and careless, so the cause should be the pressure made by something in the brain. When I am captured by this, I need to ease the belt on my head. What causes it to get strict may be the underlying source of migraine. Nothing left for us except waiting until a cure is invented, we don't know even if it is possible. It must be solved as early as possible.

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