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Waiting for a painfree day.

When I was young, I remember coming home from school and seeing my mother’s car in the driveway. I knew she was home early and I knew why. I would go inside and find her on the couch with a heating pad laying on her face. She had a migraine. But, as soon as my father got home, she was up making dinner then cleaning up. This would happen from time to time. It wasn’t until I had my first migraine at the age of 19 that I realized, SHE DID THAT IN THIS MUCH PAIN??!! That was my mother, never a complainer, she worried about everyone else. I lost her to colon cancer when I was 26 years old, she was 62.

My migraines did not seem to come that often in my early 20’s, they got worse as I reached 25 -30. They came more often and much stronger, bed ridden with the vomitting just debilitating. I had an MRI (2 actually they just did another one a few months ago), which showed nothing. Had my eyes checked, they were fine. Went to a chiropractor, my doctor at the time did not agree, but the chiropractor was sure he could get rid of the headaches. Not so much. At this point I am having headaches daily not always migraines just old fashioned headaches. Some in my forehead, or the top of my head, back of my neck. My migraines favorite spot….the right side, always.

I am now 44 years old and I can’t remember the last pain free day I had. I take Excedrin on a daily basis, have for years now, and some days I will need the Maxalt for the stronger headaches, this is to stop it from going into a Migraine. I also am taking a preventative, Topamax. Apparently not doing as well as it should. I am being treated for depression as well. I used to live in fear of getting a Migraine, now I live in fear of not having my meds to stop the pain. So many things I want to do, but do not feel well enough to do them. Waiting for a cure…waiting for a pain free day.

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  • Jeannette Brokaw Lindvig
    8 years ago

    Please read Heal Your Headache. I followed Dr Buchholz’s advice to the letter, and while I miss many of the migraine inducing foods, I DO NOT miss the migraines. I believe it can help many people find pain relief if they would just give this non-medicine approach a try. I was 100% sick of (over)taking drugs! The author is a neurologist at Johns Hopkins, so this is not some medical wacko writing a book.

  • Shirley Magee
    8 years ago

    I’m lying in my bed with a right sided migraine headache waiting for the Zomig to kickin (2nd tab, took the other at half 5) first post on a migraine forum but fiNd some consolation knowing there are others feeling the same. I manage to lI’ve a full life but hate all the medication! And some days I feel like giving up. I’m 4 weeks into new preventative medication which s not doing that much but will perceiver it’s early days….heres hoping…..

  • Janice Worden Lamb Clemens
    8 years ago

    I don’t remember what a pain free day feels like. I have the headaches everyday and still have to go to work with them. I have tried so many medications with little to no relief. I take one excedrin, tylenol, advil, and esgic on a daily basis. They take the edge off sometimes but not much. I am so discouraged to the point that I stopped all my meds except metoprolol for my blood pressure and synthroid for my thyroid. I really don’t see the point in taking something that doesn’t help. I have to work and am frustrated with doctors as they really don’t care. Migraines are like an invisible illness. (I am a nurse and work for 2 doctor’s). Frustrated and discouraged to the point that I just don’t care anymore. I try to go day by day and I pray every night that maybe, just maybe my head won’t hurt in the morning. I am beginning to think that maybe everyone is right and it’s just all in my head. My husband is very supportive though, but he starts chemo next week so I have to take care of him and still go to work even though I know my headaches will continue. AND so help me if one more person tells me that stress is not a trigger I want them to step in my shoes for just a couple days and then tell me that!

  • Brenna Knapp Fields
    8 years ago

    My life exactly!

  • Meridith K. Langston
    8 years ago

    I too am sitting here with a migriane, crying reading this. It’s so true. Mine too weren’t very frequent in my teens and early twentys, then my 30’s they became debiliting, the mentrual migraines were the worst. Lasted prior, during and after, think I only had one week of not having one. Then I had a hysterectomy thinking I was free and clear of these headaches, but boy was I wrong, even though they weren’t menstrual, they were just as bad. The stress of actually getting one, and having to call in sick yet another day to work, I sunk into a deep depression, of which I am still not out of completely. It’s killing me. I am glad I was able to win my disability case, but it really doesn’t cover the bills, lost my house, lost my business, lost my hobbies, lost my life. And I finally get on a regimen of meds that have let me live a bit normally and my Nurse Practitioner changes them on my last visit, because it’s frowned upon in the medical community to be on two narcotics, one for a back injury and one for my migraines. She sais my body doesn’t know the difference between them, I take Oxy twice a day for my back and I do still get headaches in between, so because I’ve already taken a pain med, this doesn’t allow me to take another med for the migraine? And because I’m on disability then it’s OK to suffer at home because I don’t need to go to work? And I am afraid to speak up, because then I look like a drug seeker. I hate that, because technically I am seeking a drug for relieve, but not in the sense of what they label people who lie about illnesses just to get them. Very frustrating.

  • Jennifer Collins-Gonzalez
    8 years ago

    You are not alone in this world! So sorry about your mom! I also live the same life you do, everyday is painful, but you must get up and have a life even in pain! For whatever reason I do believe there is a reason for this, maybe someday I will know what it is! Stay well, be happy!

  • Cheryl Labonte
    8 years ago

    I am sitting here also reading this with a migraine, had to leave work today because of it.I just started yesterday taking zomig, hasn’t helped yet, I also take Atenol as a preventive medication well that hasn’t helped.Last Friday I passed out the migraine was so bad, I was taken to the ER they did a cat scan and it showed nothing, I’ve had MRI’s they have showed nothing, I just don’t know what to do anymore.This is not the way to live.I also would love a pain free day, but that looks like it isn’t going to happen.Take care, everyone.

  • Deborah Clark
    8 years ago

    I have been dealing with daily migraines for at least 5 years. I don’t take something everyday because of the chance of a rebound-medication over use heacache. Depression is also a major part of my daily life. I am concerned that You are taking something everyday for your head as you may also be dealing with a rebound headache. These are very painful from what I understand. Are you see a headache specialist? Please talk with your Dr. Concerning taking something everyday. As far as taking the Topamax, we had a post on that yesterday. I was on it for 2 years and it did nothing for my head. It might be time for you to try another preventative. I am praying that we all have a pain free day!

  • Sharon Doney Atwell
    8 years ago

    I suffer with migraines also and also deal with some sort of headache daily, sorry for your pain, I know how miserable and depressing this is.I was actually hospitalized last week(due to a severe headache with vomiting ) they did 2 MRI’s and found a tumor on my pituitary gland, i have an appt. with the endocronologist tomorrow and god I hope there is some answer to as why my head is always killing me. hope you are feeling well today:)

  • Amira Hamdi
    8 years ago

    U r not alone, me too! even cant take painkillers coz having ulcer now coz of them! Waiting for painfree day!

  • Terri Strauss Morrow
    8 years ago

    I am sitting with a migraine reading this…i too get them often since a child and have been checked for alot of things and again NOTHING works so I go day by day…waiting for a pain free day! feel better……

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