Walking drunk and no alcohol

At times I start getting dizzy (vertigo is closest to pinning a word to) where I can only lay down. If I move, or get out of bed, where I have to lay on my back propped up at a perfect level, I can deal with it and be proactive against it.
However the horrid part is...I don't feel drunk....but that's how my body moves...Falling down drunk without a sip! It's one of the worst on sets I get. I have to have help going to bathroom, and feeding myself. If proactive at this point, I'm down only 1 day. Not proactive endless!
Sad part is...I have to have someone with me always through this type of migraine onset. So I interrupt others work, or school. I have changed things in diet and this helps. If I eat overly preserved or processed foods...it's the ticket to migraine headaches.
I live on the Mediterranean, and found this helps allergies, living by the sea, which in turn has eliminated most of them.
Without my family support I couldn't manage, thx my guys!!!

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