I Want to Die

That is what I’ve been hearing over and over again these last four weeks from my grown daughter who is married and mother of two. She has had chronic and debilitating migraines for fourteen years...and Aimovig was her last great hope. She had a rough first four weeks as had first shot nov 28 2018 with new different type headaches where she felt like a band tightening around her head and her eye would jump out of socket. Her doc said to try the second shot as there was some evidence it could take another month or two. WORST MISTAKE EVER. She has been bedridden with constant nausea and vomiting and her old barometric pressure migraine along with this new monster headache that never leaves.

Her doc gives her shots to help with nausea but that only helps for a day and she takes every med allowed to try to control the nausea. She also has auras and shooting eye and temple pain and lost taste for food. She has fatigue and muscle aches but nausea so continuous that they fade into background in importance. This has been a true nightmare and obviously she is not alone. We go onto patient sites and read of others going thru the same horrid side effects. Every doctor site claims this is a miracle drug but there are many patient review sites that sound more like 50/50 with half miracle and half nightmare. We are holding on best we can to get her thru the long half life. Second shot was Dec 28. Do your research and report to the FDA as she has with any side effects so others can go into this wiser and eyes opened.

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