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Way back when........

Way back in my early teens, I remember my first migraine. A hot summers day and my Mum wanting me out from under her feet,I had to "go out and play". My head hurt my eyes hurt, I felt sick and dizzy. I remember laying in a field where the harvesters had left big bales of straw which had been made in to "forts" by us kids in the neighbourhood. I lay in a fort fighting nausea and pain, hating the sunlight. That's how mine first started.
40 years later I rarely get one's so bad as that one because I've learned my tells, those little signs that herald its on its way. Some drugs I've had over the years have decreased the frequency but magnified the pain.....utterly useless! My worst time of year is just about to start, when the days get longer and brighter I know I will have to be vigilant, to get on top of them quickly and keep my fingers crossed that I don't get too many of those that proceed to full blown agony despite all preventive measures taken. My family, from my mother onwards, have all suffered with migraines, even sleeping in for too long can kick one off for some of us.

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