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I first started having migraines in my late twenties. Back then everyone thought they were sinus headaches but my sinuses were clear and I rarely get colds. When I reached my mid-forties I began having headaches every 4 out of seven days. After an MRI and a sleep study with one neurologist and no relief I switched to another doctor. This doctor understood right away and put me on Topamax. I did much better and it really curtailed the headaches.

After being on Topamax for 10 years I began getting very large kidney stones. I tried to tell the urologist after the first one that it was the Topomax but he wouldn't believe me. After the second one a year later I took in the research that I had found on the net and showed it to him. I took myself off the Topomax gradually and the migraines have returned full force. Since I have several drug allergies I am limited as to what I can take. No preventatives seem to be working for me now.

My main trigger is weather, especially strong storms that range from OK to MO. These migraines usually last three to four days. I don't really get visual aura but do smell things that aren't there. The whole left side of my head hurts, eye, teeth, ear. Plus I have a spot that gets really warm and my scalp is sore to the touch. I'm also extremely dizzy and confused. Sometimes I take off work but am really worried about being demoted or let go because of the migraines.

I have tried massage therapy, wigs (to keep mild pressure on my spot) changing my diet (cutting out sugar, caffeine, some fats, artificial sweeteners) but nothing seems to help. I get really depressed when I'm in a migraine sequence and have to be careful what I say or act upon. People say they understand but I don't really think until you've had headaches all the time that you really know what it's like. I don't make plans anymore because I never know if a headache will strike or not.

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