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What comes first the Migraine or Stress?

Does stress or perceived stress trigger the migraine, or does the actual migraine trigger the stress? Since the brain is such a complex organ that connects to every function of the body, what then is the underlying culprit to explain the "what came first" scenario?

For every migraine experienced since being diagnosed with Vestibular Migraines with Aura in 2008, these questions that seem to have no answers, are the ones that somehow need to be answered. Being a part of the 2% population with this rare condition, does not help in clarifying the primary cause of it.

At one point, my migraines were so severe in intensity that passing out, vomiting, slurred speech, cognitive and executive function declines dictated my life. Vertigo, Aura's, sensitivity to light, sound, movement, odors, touch,barometric weather changes, heat/cold intolerance, anything that overstimulated the senses due to high sensitivity relentlessly determined daily living and ability.

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Extensive medical testings, occupational therapy, counseling, medications, within every month were stressful. Notwithstanding the 15 or more migraines each month that had rendered those required appointments in order to get well. Staying well is another story.

Learning how to function and accepting limitations has been a long process.Complications from other conditions either primary or secondary, complicated the already complex health status. Where medications worked for one condition, they worsened others. Having to decide what is more important the elimination of pain, the treatment of co-morbid conditions, the hope of elevating functioning,or simply resting depending on the level of malfunctioning.

To prioritize what has to be done opposed to what can be done while living with migraines, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia,psoriatic arthritis, IBS, etc, at times triggers the migraines, the vertigo and sensitivity.

The only answer that I've come up with is this is my body, this is my brain, this is how they work even when they don't. Retraining of emotions, reactions, perceptions have helped me to decrease the amount of migraines each month. Now its time to heal from the inside out no matter how slow, overcoming the maladies for me is accepting and denying them at the same time.

That's a concept to start a migraine in itself. Brain off...for now.

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