What else could i do?

I been with Migraine sins i have 15 year old i guess the normal. well 1's every 3 month or even 6 month. but past 4 years i started with constant migraine, vertigo. my primary doctor send me to some specialist doctor: neurologist, neurosurgery, otolaryngologist, ,ophthalmologist. and the the neurologist just gave me the same meds an just upgrade the same meds they diagnostic was chronicles migraines. she didn't send me to do any testing done. just my neurosurgeon that found a small cyst but is not the cause of my migraines. an my migraines we're 2 to 3 times a week an i had 5 prescriptions. i even give up from work because of the situation i was like this for a 1 year an 1/2. so my migraines calm down a it was 3 times a month. i stop taking the meds my neuorologist gave me. a year pass an the migraine started again so i look for another one. his hearth is in the right place but the understanding is not. trying to talk an ask questions to a doctor is like talking to a answer machine when you need to speak to someone an help you. he has try several treatments but haven't work reason one Botox is been a Month an i fell weak, i have a headache almost every day an migraines in a month 17-22. adding the vertigo cus having a migraine an going on a rollercoaster is so much fun, i have done diets less caffeine gluten. is not that i haven try on my side im tired of been in bed but i can get out the day that i feel i can i start doin what i can an then when i think all be ok Bamm... again im down. im frustrated, in a way depress sins again now i had to give up myjob. an my doctor right now is just waiting for what's going to happing with the botox an im a bit desperate. my fa,ily is always here for me but i just would like someone that understands what im going thru so maybe i can addresses the situation this is part of my story hope i didn't bourded you

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