Whatever happened to living happily ever after?

Please bear with me. I would like to start with my current status. Still with me? Thank you.

I promise this won't take long. I am 44 3/4 years old ( In 18 days, I turn 45!). We have two sons, our oldest is 20 and our baby is 11 3/4 years old (he'll be 12 in 18 days. Easter Sunday to be exact.) My husband and will celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary this June and we have been together for 28 years. We have grown up together. I was 17. He was 18 3/4. If you can't tell I really love birthdays. Nine years ago I was 36. Happily married. I loved being a wife and a mom. And I loved being loved. I had only ever had a migraine before.

I was in my early twenties, I have never been able to stand up completely. Not too sure, but mom thinks something may have happened during her delivery of me. I was planning my wedding and working as a bank teller. One of my customers was a chiropractor, he owned his own company. He told me that if I would allow him to manipulate my neck, and back and both of my legs daily, I would be able to stand up straight and tall for my wedding and the rest of my life. Yeah, if you're sitting there shaking your head no and pleading with me not to buy what he was selling? Too late. I bought it. Two weeks later I thought my head was going to pop. Whispering sounded as if people were talking through mega phones. A few days later, he (the chiropractor) explained that happens when you're doing "new things" to your body. Needless to say we cut back on the new things he was doing to my body. And eventually I figured out, he was not helping me at all, and money that I was paying for this was flying out of the window.

Now we go to August, 2004. I woke up one morning with a horrible headache/migraine. Years before when I had that one and a couple more, maybe one every one to two years my doctor gave a med that would dissolve on your tongue and presto the migraine would go away. I took one. Head still pulsating, 4-6 hours later took another nothing but pain continued. Months and dozens of pills later. The doctors could not figure out how/why this was happening. I would get a new migraine everyday. This was not a residual from the previous one. The year before I turned 40, was a big/huge year for me. Not in a good way. My neurologist had always told me he thought it was my hormones and when I turned 40 all of this would go away. And my primary doctor had suspicions of what she thought it was, but she needed to run more tests, different tests. I did the tests, repeatedly. I turned 40. It wasn't the hormones.

And one day out of the blue I am at home with my two boys who's ages were 11 and 3. Basically, my doctor over the phone and by the way was a woman says to me in a tone that you would order a pizza with or dictate a shopping list with says, You have cancer. This cancer is very rare. And it is more rare because of your age it normally happens to people over the age of 60. The cancer is called multiple Myleoma . It is cancer of the blood. It is not curable.

From my research, once it becomes full blown, you may have two years left to live. August, 2013 it will be nine years that I have suffered with daily migraines and thirteen other diseases that I have and can be connected to the Myleoma. My health over the last year has begun to decline. We (the family) went to our annual eye exam appointment two weeks ago. My exam for the first time in 19 years was abnormal. I was sent two days later to a specialist. She said that both of my eyes, the optical nerves are severely swollen and I may have pseudo tumors.

I go this Saturday for an MRI on my eyes. Two days before my 45th birthday I will go back to see the specialist. She will tell me the results of the MRI and will recheck my eyes, vision, etc. We have to pray that the MRI will not pickup any tumors, etc, but if my eyes are still severely swollen among other things I will have to take more meds. So this is almost where we began. I am 44 3/4 years old, 10 days before my 45th birthday. And 18 days before my youngest son turns 12.

Thank you for your time and patience. I send all of God's blessings to all of you and your families and friends. Please celebrate all of your birthdays and your families and friends birthdays. God has been so loving and kind to us to give us life. The least we can do is take one day a year to celebrate it and too thank him for all of our loves and blessings.

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