What's wrong with me?

I have been a migraine sufferer since I was diagnosed at 15, however about 2 years ago my life changed when my migraines became chronic. My whole world as I knew it was turned upside down!! My family, friends, and work... they were all affected. Any commitments I had previously made was all a big question mark... I could no longer make commitments. This is my life now... "I'll have to see how I feel" is a standard answer. I have more bad days then good, I have tried so many medications, relief and preventive, with no great results. I know its just finding the right combination but what about my life in the mean time? The world hasn't stopped spinning because my migraines became chronic. Family and friends get disappointed and I'm tired of telling them I have another migraine. What's wrong with me?

I have a neurological disease, plain and simple. However people tend not to think you have a disease if they can't see it. There are many phases to my chronic migraines. My migraines go something like this. Phase one) Sensitivity to light, red hot face with tingling sensation around eyes and forehead. This can be accompanied with fatigue and visual auras. Phase two) Intense throbbing pounding pain with fatigue and lets not forget the sensitivity to light. Phase three) The pain may subside however the fatigue and sensitivity to light lingers. All of this takes place in a day... hours upon hours of wishing there was no sun or florescent lights and dealing with such pain most people couldn't stand for a few minutes. All while still managing my job, family and friends. Oh and by the way, this will more then likely be the same tomorrow. So what's wrong with me?

The answer is nothing. Nothing is wrong with me! I just have more to deal with then you can see!

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