Wheat is my nemesis!

My migraines started 30 years ago when i was about 20. After suffering with them for almost 20 years I went on the Atkins diet with my wife and realized the frequency of my headaches went down.

With this clue, we eventually figured out that wheat, yeast and aspartame cause my migraines. Even the tiniest amount of wheat will trigger a migraine. We have learned to read EVERY label prior to cooking or eating a meal. I have read many comments where people say they have tried a wheat free diet and noticed some improvement in their migraines. I would say to you if this is the case, to please read the food labels. Foods you would never imagine could contain wheat do.

Examples that have recently got me are sour cream, Fanta orange soda, ice cream, and smoked ham. All four of these contain modified food starch, which is derived from wheat and triggers a migraine in me every time. With the help of my wife, who monitors my food labels, i have gone from 5 or 6 migraines a week to maybe 1 per month and it is always attributable to wheat or yeast or their derivitives. I hope this helps someone out there and am glad i found this community--thanks

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