My last migraine was a wake up call !

Two weeks ago i had a terrible migraine. I was throwing up bile. After that was gone i was throwing up foamy blood. My wife took me to the ER, when i got there they had a hard time finding my body temp, when they finally found it on the 7th attempt. I was at 93 degrees. I was admitted right away into the trauma room.

I was very dis-orientated, and about ready to go into shock. The Dr game me a shot of morphine, which only took the edge off. I had a CT scan on my brain, it came back normal. and when i was asked to move from the gurney to the CT table my headache went back into full force. I threw up again several times in front of the ER staff. All bloody. I was given an even stronger dose of morphine. Which in turn knocked me out cold. As i laid there a catholic chaplain came to bless me. My wife who was at my side was totally freaked out. She said i was half awake when the chaplain came in. She also said she thought i was going to die. I was apparently laying there at peace with myself. Softly speaking, like people do when they are about to cross into the afterlife. The doctor told me when i woke up from the morphine induced sleep that i have high blood pressure.

My numbers were at 185/ 110, pulse was at 105 beats a minute. This event has changed my lifestyle completely. I now am on a drug called propanolol, it is used to treat migraines and high blood pressure. I was also given narcotics for pain and also prescribed a suppository for nausea, since whenever i take a pill during 1 of these things, i end up throwing up within minutes.

While i do know that migraines are not reffered to as "ice pick " headaches. Maybe you all might consider having your blood pressure checked out? They say that headaches in general are caused by high blood pressure.

If any of you have migraines, what do you do when you get one? or if any of you had similar experiences i would like to know more.


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