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I have had Migraines since I was 12, and now I'm 45. My Mom and Dad had them, as well as 3 of my 4 sisters. I have taken just about everything they have made- but I also have Low-Blood Pressure-so Beta Blockers are out, although I have had them prescribed to me more than once!

Now, I ask if they have read my chart when it happens... I have a not-very-clean house, which bugs the crap out of me sometimes, but it's hard to do chores when you can't bend over. My husband will sometimes pour bleach or other smelly things to clean, and "forget" that it is a trigger. I keep waiting for them to get better... I have had to move at church because of the lights, or someones perfume or cologne.

I would only be able to eat oatmeal if I eliminated Everything that is a trigger for me. My triggers have been a source of amusement for others-the list seeming overwhelming to them, I guess. I should weigh 100 pounds for what I can't eat-if it comes out of a bag, box or can, I'm done for! I don't want this, but if this is my cross, I will bear it. Somedays better than others.

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