When Migraine's The Goner

I've been a classic migraineur, suffering from relentless attacks of zigzag migraine, medieval torture device migraine, not so merry go-round migraine, and all and sundry seriotypes in extremis since I was seven years old. And now, after sharing the same head for nearly six decades, Meg and I have seemingly come to a peaceful coexistence...or something.

One day, her voice came out of the fragmentarium of yet another shattered expectation of relief...and so I sat her down, shared the cares of the day, endeavoring an understanding of her ways and means. Strangely enough, the open dialog box made for closed medicine bottles. Our unified coda (not to mention headspace) of laissez faire brought peace to the valley of the shadows. And now that peace seems to have voted itself in for the long term.

You see, this past entire year, the old witch hasn't bothered to visit me at all. Past visitations I endured to the tune of four to eight times per year. This odd change of frequency has persisted for the past four years, except for a stunning resurgence in 2010 that included 12 Megs in a row with me the sitting duck. Since that time, she's gone against her or maybe my graine, seemingly petering out from just two in two years to...zilch.

One year has now gone by with no Meg in sight, despite trials and tribs that should have had her banging my head against the wall. Got the last one on Halloween 2011. Trick or treat, and I took the bait, knowing perhaps I'd be tricked into believing she'd wormed her way into some other head cozier or crazier than mine. Well, I'll be stunned (and I know THAT's coming!) but it seems the old bat's flown the belfry.

The only monkey wrench I've perhaps thrown into her modus is gothic nutrition. Lots of Vit D and Omega Fatty Acids and unholy amounts of chocolate may have punched her godawful zigzag lights out. I don't miss the darn thing, but yet, Zigzag Meg was so much a part of my life. It's not how can I get her back, but how is it that I've finally gotten back at her?


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