When will this ever stop?

Hello, My name is Becky. I've been dealing with migraines/headaches for more than 15 yrs. In the beginning I took Advil on a daily basis & never looked for help. Once I moved to NC I decided it was time to finally go see a neurologist. Things were progressing, or so i thought they were. After we tried many preventative meds that didn't work & tried most of the triptans (which I react very bad too), he told me there was no way I could feek the way I said I did. I was so upset & discouraged. Wasn't sure were to turn at that point.

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Then I started nursing school & it was hard to make myself go, but i wasn't going to let migraines/headaches stop me. Well I ended up having a seizure my first semester so I had to go back to the original neurologist to be cleared for school. I then started looking for a new neurologist. I found a new one that was playing around with different meds as well. We started doing trigger point injections which helped for a few days, but i was going back every week or two. I was then sent to Duke Pain clinic. I thought I would finally get an answer or at let find something that worked. There the continued the trigger point injections & wanted to try to get me into a study for an occipital nerve stimulator for the occipital neuralgia. I wasn't able to get into it & sure as heck couldn't afford it since I was paying out of my pocket. We discussed doing an ablation & have set it up. I was so glad i backed out. I gave up & started going back to my PCP when I couldn't function anymore. I was get toradol shots which would ease it off some & then I continued taking Advil. I probably went through a family sized bottle a month. I know not good.

Finally my PCP was able to get me into UNC's headache clinic after waiting 9 months. The doc i have now is wonderful. He has helped me more than anyone. He wanted me to revisit getting an occipital nerve stimulator since they have been improved. He sent me back to Duke Pain to get evaluated for it. The doc there was a jerk & that's being nice. He wouldn't even consider the nerve stimulator until we tried a C2-C4 nerve ablation. After a long talk with my Headache doc I agreed, BIG mistake. The procedure went horrible & the last nerve I felt being burnt b/c it wasn't numb enough. Then I ended up feeling like My left side of my face & shoulder were on fire for 5 weeks. The doc that did it was a jerk & i would NEVER send anyone to him. I still am having problems from it. My doc & I are still playing with different meds to get all this under control I am sick of hurting everyday & not really having a life. After fighting for 4 months with the insurance company I was finally approved for Botox. I have had my first treatment & it's finally starting to work some. I hope this what i needed to finally feel better. So that is my migraine/headache story in the short version, Ha-HA

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