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I've had daily headaches and migraines for over 17 years (half of my life). I've been to a number of doctors, neurologists, hypnotists, pain management specialists, etc. So those are just the facts right?

PAIN....dealing with the PAIN! Not being able to go to work, not being able to get up to get your kids to school or even open your eyes to see daylight! Not being able to remember days at a time, not because nothing happened but because I was in so much pain that there are total blanks in my memory! I had a migraine so intense one night that I was getting out of our vehicle and I thought I was having a STROKE! I lost complete control of my leg. I could not move it at all! I read later that this is all possible with migraines! **sigh**

I gained over 120lbs with all of the medications I was put on. I was miserable. I was addicted to pain medications. I finally found an amazing chiropractor (well, chiropractors - 3 in the office) and an amazing vitamin and supplement company. I got help to get off medications. I've now lost 70lbs. I've been migraine-free for 4 months!! I get an occasional headache, but for the most part they have subsided! This website has helped tremendously!

If it wasn't for the supplements I'm on though, I wouldn't be where I'm at today! There is hope out there!

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