A whole new ballgame

I've done some researching and found this place. I hope someone can talk to me and keep me from ending it all because I am so fed up with this pain and headache!
I've been told migraine is what I have. Sometimes I think it's brain cancer. I have pain in my face at least 5 days a week and a headache.
one doctor got me hooked on Vicodin. I just stopped that 9 days ago. I'm clean from that. The other doctor gave me Imitrex and that helps but I can only take 3 pills a week.
IT makes me nauseated and very, very tired. The day is ruined. I am depressed and cannot do anything when this happens.
I also have facial pain which makes me think something else is going on.
I had some plastic surgery a while back and my mother thinks that is the cause of the facial pain. I asked the doctor and he said no.
Please, any comments are welcome.

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