My wife's migraines

Hi, my name is Jamie and I am the husband to a woman who suffers migraines. My wife is 34 years old and has been dealing with migraines since her early twenties. When we first met her migraines happened between 2-3 days a week. We've been married going on seven years and the migraines have only gotten worse. She now has a migraine every day starting in the late afternoon all the way until bedtime.

She graduated from college with a masters in education and started her career as a kindergarten teacher in Seattle. At that time we got pregnant and the migraines disappeared for the first time since I've know her. Shortly after our son was born the migraines returned. She was able to find a good job as 'director of education' at a non-profit pre-school where she championed on and worked through her continually growing migraines. She then moved on to another school where she was quickly let go because of differences with some of the staff. I know now that she was just in so much pain and so out of it because of all of medications, that she just couldn't perform in the way the school demanded. Its been 6 months now since that happened and she is un-employeed at home in pain just trying to get through each day.

Its really sad to see this amazing person who was once so full of life and energy be debilitated by this mysterious condition. We went to the doctor today for the first time in a year, and all he could offer was upping her dose of topirimate. This is a drug that makes her so groggy and irritable, I was disheartened by his lack of empathy and was hoping for more problem solving than he provided.

I feel like my wife has been on the same medications for awhile now with no results and it is very frustrating. I'm familiar with the rebound effects of migraine medications and feel like my wife is trapped in that cycle. Can anyone offer some advice or personal experience with breaking that cycle and starting a new relationship with migraine meds?

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