Will they ever end?

Suffering from migraines for 24 years. No visual aura but lots of prodrome symptoms. They have changed and moved literally on my head/face over the years. Started with one a month then two a month, now 1-2 per week. I have tried all preventative meds none helped and most caused terrible life altering side effects. I also tired changing my diet drastically, from elimination of offending foods to almost everything you can imagine.

No results. People still ask me what (I) am doing to cause these horrible headaches. 'Nothing', they are not the result of anything that I do. Do not smoke, drink, do not eat processed foods, barely take any medications except thyroid meds and Amerge (the only migraine med. that works. Even that is starting to work partially. I do not use pain meds, they also do not really stop the pain. The pain is like ice pick and can last 17 to 48 hours even with medication. Vertigo, nausea (no vomiting though).

In the last year, just before a migraine I get very irritable, similar to PMS. The night before I cannot sleep AT ALL even with natural sleep aides (all listed on this site) or Temazapam to help. I eat a very healthy balanced diet, have low to very low BP, meditate and exercise twice a week. Must be careful because active exercise can be a trigger as well as weather changes, flying and bad air. It is a very lonely place to be. I cannot travel or even promise anyone that I can make a dinner date. The moving cycles of the headaches change and have control of my life. Is there any hope for me?

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