Will this never end?

My migraines began at aged 28. I don't quite know why they started, but I had been through a period of high stress, and was dealing with health issues as well. They continued to be annoying throughout my thirties while I was having children, but it wasn't will i was about 40 that they started to get life style annoying. I started taking codeine and ibuprofen whenever they struck and seemed to cope with this. It wasn't until after my youngest child died and i went back to work, that they really got under way.

Probably stress related as well as health issues. I eventually had to give up working as they were too debilitating. i was taking Maltexo and the tripans to help, but they made it ten times worse. I ended up in hospital as the pain was off the scale and they were coming two to three times a week. Once i stopped the triptans, they settled down a bit, but i still get them mid cycle, and with my period. The latter lasting for around 3 days of continual pain.

I only take codeine and ibuprofen now. I have discovered peppermint oil helps, along with ice packs to the neck and face in a dark room. I now get on average 2-3 migraines a month. I don't eat any of the foods that I know cause them. So mine now are mainly hormonal.

I am now almost 52 so have had them for 24 years. I am so looking forward to menopause in the hopes they will go away!! :) Still, I love life and there is much to be thankful for.

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