Migraine with Aura

07:00 whilst working on a black and white logo and suddenly noticed the beginning of aura in my vision. It was stronger in my right eye but it is both eyes. I know it is not in my eyes but it seems that way…It started small but is growing. I can’t really type well because it is like a shimmering blind spot with undulating clouds. I have no pain just unsure where this will lead.

my vision is quite severely affected now, the words on the computer screen seem much smaller than normal and everything seems jumbled. The aura is present now just right of my centre vision, like a reverse “c” shape. I can seen a rippling effect like rainbow water rippled at a constant frequency. It has grown now to around 50% of my vision (07:20). it is zig-zag ripples but maybe not colours just distortions of the light entering my eyes. I don’t see the ripples when i close my eyes.

Is it just a waiting game now? how much will it spread. Could the graphic have triggered it? It is not an unpleasant experience for now. I can just about type, there is no pain just a light show in my vision, I cannot work because I would make too many mistakes.

Is the optic nerve causing this? feel a little numbness in my right eye, or behind my right eye. the re is a slight aching starting in the left hemisphere. download (its that time of the morning)…

07:40 and the aura seems to be relaxing as the dull aching in the left hemisphere is steadily growing. The visual aura is not moving or rippling now but it is still there like an afterburner if that makes any sense. Maybe my retina or sight needs time to return to normal. I want to resist taking medication this time, it didn’t have much of an effect the last aura migraine I had. I will decide later.

It has been 6 months since I last had aura. It is such a random occurrence. Did the black and white logo trigger it or the bad nights sleep? who knows…It is certainly nothing I can put my finger on for sure. I work with logos every single day and quite regularly don’t sleep well. Too much beer and ice-cream last night. I always try to figure out what it may be, but still it is never concrete. It is just the way I am. Maybe I should just be ok with that and all it entails. I was feeling slightly under the weather yesterday and a little sneezy and my sinuses were and still are blocked a bit. Maybe a combination of all these factors put together.

08:00 the pain in my left hemisphere is more present now and I will probably medicate soon. yuck, I hate those pills (sumartidex). Combined with two paracetamol seems to do the trick.

Pain has now reached my threshold. It’s pill time!!! (08:15)

My head is throbbing now (08:30) and I feel nausea. I so hate this feeling. I know that in an hour or so the pain will subside and I can get on with my life. But for now it is far from normal.

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