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Migraine with Aura – New changes

I have been experiencing Migraines with Auras as long as I can remember. I believe I was about 5 years old but I didn’t know how to explain what was going on. My mother also has migraines but without auras.

I usually get my migraines with aura once every month, or 2 month or sometimes as long as 3 months. Occasionally I will get them 2 days in a row. But for the last 4 weeks, I have gotten at least one migraine with aura every day. Some days I will have 2 or 3 in one day. Sometimes the aura will come from the right side and cross over to left. and back again. I get them during the day, or in the morning that wake me up or during the night.

I can not pinpoint a trigger since the change in frequency. I am not overly stressed, they come whether or not the weather changes, I am not taking new medications, and I am not eating certain foods that seem to be a trigger.

I’m confused, concerned and frustrated as I believe my doctor is not taking it seriously enough. Please help with any information you may have. Thank you.

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  • frankie5
    2 years ago

    I have had ocular migraines since 2010 – usually 4-6 a year. 2 months ago they became very frequent. I had an mri, mra, eeg to rule out tia’s, etc. All tests came back ‘normal’..whatever that is! I have always felt that there was a muscular component that triggered my episodes. I started physical therapy treatments to release muscle contractions in my neck and upper back and added 400mg daily of Vit b12 to my supplements and haven’t had a migraine since I began 3 weeks ago.

  • Ann
    2 years ago

    It really is horrendous that you are having an aura migraine so regularly. You should see your doctor again and be very firm, Have you seen a neurologist for your migraines in the past? I too suffer with aura and know the frustration of these. As I have got older, they are more frequent and like you I used to have one a month or less and now I can get two or three in a wee,k. I do take betablockers for another problem, which I believe are supposed to help but not for me. I do hope this moves on for you.

  • Becksturbo
    2 years ago

    So sorry to hear you are experiencing such a change. I think one of the most frustrating aspects of migraine is the fact we don’t know what is triggering them sometimes. I have always been told by my neuros that when my migraines change, I should let them know. And yours have been for 4 weeks now so it’s not a short term thing. Do you see a neurologist or headache specialist? I suggest taking one step at a time. Try and get in to see your doctor to express your concerns. Keep a detailed journal (if you’re not already) about your symptoms and how they’ve changed to show your doctor. This way you will have it to rely on if you feel your doctor isn’t treating it seriously. Then if you are not seeing a neurologist, maybe set up an appt with one. I hope you can get some answers and relief! We’re here to listen as always!

  • DonnaFA moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi MLAbate, I’m sorry that you are going through this. Sadly many of our members do. If you feel your doctor is not helping you feel heard we do have a series of articles that can
    help locate a specialist in your area:
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    How To Find a Board Certified Migraine Specialist
    Hiring the right Doctor

    Thanks for being part of the community, We’re glad that you’re here! -Warmly, Donna ( team)

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