Migraine without pain but perpetual aura

I have experienced Migraines with and without headache pain since I was a child. Stomach migraines, headache migraines mostly when young. Now turning 60, I am experiencing what I call the "perpetual aura migraine". For 3 years now, I have experienced every aura going all at the same time but thankfully few with headaches.

However, it's very disconcerting to be viewing the world through translucent moving bubbles while trying to pick poker straight thin red lines off your food in a restaurant only to realize the red lines and bubbles are yet another visual aura.
I now look at it as my own personal artwork of the mind because, well, the alternative is to go crazy.
I am bruised all the time from losing my balance from missteps and have taken some doozy falls too. I've had my eyes, ears, and every body part checks, xrays, MRI's, scans, you name it, it's been done. No tumors no issues. For a long time I was labeled as depressed. I laughed. Who wouldn't be but I knew it wasn't that. Finally the Docs admitted what I knew all along, migraine with aura. Somewhat of a relief they believed me but still living with it.
Finally broke down and am trying Topiramate. Jury is out on that as it's early days. Also have Sumatriptan on hand to stop migraines when they start but that's a bit of a laugh as they haven't stopped for 3 years and they only gave me 6 of those. Had a chuckle over that.
Sure would like the red lines and bubbles to stop making an appearance though and the falling over and nausea can go away and I wouldn't miss them.
Any suggestions for other meds or holistic things are welcomed. Thanks for listening.

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