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Migraine without the headache!

Hello to all you out there in America. I am in the UK and would like to know if any of you have been diagnosed with Migranous Vertigo. I have dizziness and sickness which keeps me in bed for 24 to 36 hours, and has been diagnosed as the above. I don’t believe it as no headache at that time. Those of you with horrible headaches will say what am I moaning about as don’t get a headache, and I understand this as I do get one sometimes but not with the dizzy and sickness. I also get Ocular Migraine where I am partially blind and have zig zag type shapes cross my eyes. This is separate from the dizzy thing, and goes off after Paracetemols, , but is a nuisance especially if I am driving Mostly starts if a flash of sunlight or lamplight catches my eyes.
Is there anyone out there with similar symptoms or am I just an oddball. Thanks.

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  • Mr FBP
    3 years ago

    I’m also in the UK and developed vertigo symptoms about 2 yrs ago. I asked if it was part of my migraine, and my GP refered me to an ENT doctor and a neurologist.

    The upshot was that it probably isn’t migaineous. The neurologist found no abnormalities in her tests or in the scan requested as a precaution.

    The ENT doctor said he could not detect damage to the inner ear, but my symptoms could be caused by a level of damage not detectable by current tests. Damage isn’t curable, the brain needs to learn to cope with it. He referred me to a balance clinic, where I got some exercises to help deal with the dizzyness.

    Basically the exercises push the brain to suffer dizzy spells, which the brain then learns to deal with. As my body learns to cope then I drop the exercises that don’t make me dizzy anymore. These really worked, but it means the brain is always working harder than it used to to keep balance and suppres the dizzyness.

    At times of stress or during migraines, the coping mechanism lapses and the dizzness returns.When the dizzyness returns for more than brief episodes, eg for a few days, then I repeat the exercises until the symptoms stop again. The exercises don’t occupy more than 10 mins a few times a day, so it’s an acceptable (to me) solution to the problem.

    So I would recommend talking to your GP about further exploring the dizzy spells, especially as they seem unconnected to your longstanding occular migraine symptoms. Good luck.

  • Not-Again
    3 years ago

    Hi Glynne,
    You are not alone! Vertigo has become a migraine symptom for me in the last year or so which came as a surprise. Also, I just had a Radio Frequency Ablation procedure which can give you vertigo as a temporary side-effect post procedure. The sudden dizziness and vision problems definitely make me sick to my stomach. I know I’m in for a migraine when any type of light comes to the forefront of my consciousness so when that happens I try to be aware of the vertigo as well. I was encouraged to see an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor originally for the vertigo to see if it was part of my migraine pattern or from something else like allergies or sinus. That might be an option for you, if at least to rule out the cause. There are medications out there for vertigo and are to my knowledge, mainly those prescribed for travelling. Another thing that helps me is the TheraSpecs or Axon Optics migraine glasses with the FL41 tint. I wear them all the time and it helps because my eyes and any type of light are such a problem for me. I hope some of this information helps and you are not an oddball! You are part of this wonderful community.

  • Douglas
    3 years ago

    No, you are not alone. Not only is vertigo is one of my most common symptoms, I also do not get pain with my migraines. While many of my other symptoms are nominally worse, it is vertigo that gives me the most trouble long term simply due to the fact that I now have to carry and use a cane to try and prevent (or mitigate) a fall.

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