At Wits End!

I was diagnosed with chronic migraine in 2011. 49 years old at the time, trained as a life coach and building my business, and working part time as a cashier at a grocery store. I smacked the back of my head at work (and saw stars) in October 2010 but didn't go to the clinic or file a report. Shortly there after, the migraines started. A couple weeks had actually passed so I didn't connect the two together.

They started out random, and I couldn't figure out why every time I went to work, I felt dizzy, nauseas`, almost like I was drunk, then came the migraine. After trying many times to get thru my shifts with no avail, I finally took a medical leave hoping to get things straightened out so I get back to living my very social life.

I exhausted the medical leave and still couldn't return, so my last day of employment was in April 2011. Thankfully I'd stashed enough cash aside to get me through the end of my lease in August. Well, I also sold everything I owned in order to pay those last few months of bills.

I moved out of my apartment and moved in with my mom, thinking at the time it would only be for a short while until I got my health straightened around... Here I am. It's August 2015. 4 years have passed and the migraines are not only still with me. They're worse.

Been seeing a neurologist for years. I've tried various medications, diets, natural remedies, gels, and so much more. Had the occipital nerve blocks, had the first Botox at the beginning of June (it hasn't helped one iota). About 3 weeks prior to starting Botox, the migraines got to be more and more often. During the month of May, I had 10 days that were kinda sorta ok. During June, I had 2. Now, in the month of July, I didn't have any. I have a migraine at some point every single day.

I guess I should feel grateful that I usually do have some reprieve in the mornings, but it really isn't much of a consolation to me. I've had it. I'm at wits end! I'm calling the neurologist on Monday morning for an appointment. I don't know what I expect her to do. I don't know what she can do. All I do know is that I have had it. This is no way to live. I'm now 53 years old and have no life. I can't work. (Been trying to get federal and state disability and that's another big treat!)

I don't know what to do. Can someone please just send me some supportive words? Something? Thank you for listening. My rant is over.

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