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Worried Mom

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  • Karen Stanley Haack
    8 years ago

    My daughter had these however she always had pain with hers.

  • Georgia Brand
    8 years ago


    This happens to me about 60% of time when I experience migraines. The first couple of time it was the most frightening experience but now I a used to it and take it with the ride.

  • Ellen Schnakenberg
    8 years ago

    Hello Worried Mom,

    What your doctors are referring to is a diagnosis called Acephalgic Migraine. This means that your son’s Migraine attack did not have all the phases… he was having an aura, but did not experience the pain part of the attack. You can read more about the different Migraine phases and Acephalgic Migraine in these links:

    What are the stages of a Migraine attack?
    Migraine Phases:
    Migraine Types Overview:
    Acephalgic Migraine:

    My best advice to you is to see a headache specialist. These are doctors specially trained in the diagnosis and treatment of headache disorders and Migraine.

  • Tori Webb Woods
    8 years ago

    this happens to me……

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