The Worst Trip

Some years ago (it could not happen today) I was traveling to NC. The migraine hit before my plane took off and I was in agony. My plane stopped and I got off, walked with others to a small building and waited in line. It occurred to me that it didn't look like my airport. When I got to the desk the gentleman said "honey, this isn't ..." and ran onto the field. He stopped the plane and they got me back on with a ladder! I was VERY sick. I swear I couldn't see by then. Once I arrived and my family got me home, they tucked me into bed next to a roaring fire. I asked them to just leave me alone while they had dinner. I didn't/couldn't get up until the next day. But I always remembered how thankful I was to lay down! Those headaches were absolute killers before the days of modern-day meds. Long ago I found that tying a piece of cloth tightly around my head helps a great deal. My mother said that her father used to do that, too. She and her five sisters also suffered from migraines.

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