Wow, I'm Not Alone!

I've read many of the entries in "Share Your Migraine Story". So many sound like my own. I'm into my 29th year of getting hammered. It's tough to know what to say here- there's so much to share, but instead of being redundant, I'll skip to what I'm doing now.

I finally opened up to my oldest brother regarding my pain. This paricular 'headache season' is one of the worse I've ever had. So bad that it's scaring me. More than 2 months now and I can't shake the pain. My brother has taken an interest in helping me. That in itself gives me relief. Were going to change my diet to include less crud, i.e. processed foods, msg's, etc.

I feel very positive about this change in my life. I'm new to this site and I will update as the improvements come. Wish me luck.

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