Wrong Diagnosis

For 25+ years, I thought I had sinus headaches. Once or twice a week, I'd get a blinding headache on the right side of my forehead that would cause me to throw up, pulsate painfully when I would try to bend over or climb stairs, and seemed to be triggered by thunderstorms.

Because it seemed to be where my sinus cavaties were, and often responded to sinus medications like Sudafed, I assumed it was sinus related. I was dumbfounded and argued with the ENT doctor who, after taking a CT scan of my sinus cavaties told me I was "squeaky clean" and pointed me down the hall to the neurologist's office. Even after the neurologist confirmed that weather can set off migraine headaches and because I responded quickly to a shot of Torzine (sp?) that I did have migraines. This changed everything; including how I had approached management of headaches for 25 years.

I soon discovered Aspartame was a trigger, and that the sublingual Vitamin B Complex I started taking for "energy" had a wonderful side effect; since I started taking it in December of 2011, I have had only 2 headaches in the last 7 months. This is truly amazing for me, given how headaches had been a way of life. I would love to hear if more research shows success with Vitamin B complex. Glad I don't have sinus trouble after all!

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