Zecuity Patches

As mentioned previously in my story regarding Botox, I failed to speak about the new Zecuity patch. I was prescribed Zecuity by my primary care physician a couple of months ago. My migraine on yesterday was horrific to say the least and I tried with everything in me not to visit the ER. It's sad as a migraine sufferer that you avoid going to the hospital for fear that doctors may think you just want narcotics. Why should I have to live in fear with such a chronic, debilitating medical condition? I only visit the ER when all other methods have failed. Yesterday was my first time administering the Zecuity patch and actually my husband placed the patch. I was very pleased with how soon the medicine worked. The only con to the patch is that I remained drowsy even after the four hour med duration. I would love to know if Zecuity has worked for any others in the migraine community. Suffering in Alabama

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