Living with Migraine

Facing severe migraine and vision problem

  • By Wackeymackey

    Hi everyone, I have been facing severe headache, migraine and eye pain. The eyes appear normal in the mirror and to my family and friends. Now I am facing redness in my eyes and I don’t know whether it’s due to the chronic use of eyedrops. The ophthalmologist whom I consulted found that I had optic nerve abnormalities with elevated intraocular pressure. He asked me to undergo the Lasik eye surgery procedure done before the condition gets worse. I am planning to do it from a nearby clinic in Washington. Has anyone here experienced Glaucoma due to migraine? Please share.

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  • By MM


    I have to agree with Nancy Harris. Lasik scares me. Besides chronic migraine I also have Rhumatoid Arthritis. When I was evaluated for Lasik 15 years ago I was told that both conditions put me at a greater risk for “corneal melting”. When the doc saw my reaction he assured me that this is as bad as it sounds. Every opthamologist I’ve spoken to says that I was lucky, because not all Lasix providers are aware of the correlation between migraine (or RA) and reduced corneal nerve fibre density. I would definitely get a second opinion.

    Mary Margaret

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  • By dpasek

    I tend to get bloodshot eyes when I am having a migraine episode. My eyes are usually a bit red anyway from evaporative dry eye, but the migraine effect is noticeable to people who know me well enough, and sometimes it is one-sided.

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