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A giant lightning bolt emanates from the back of the neck of a man who looks startled from pain

3 Stretches to Release Neck and Shoulder Tension

Do you ever feel like your constant neck pain may be even worse than your head pain? If so, you are not alone.

How many people experience neck pain?

According to Dr. Sait Ashina in his interview on When Migraine Starts or Stays in Your Neck from the 2021 Migraine World Summit, "We have studies showing that up to 70% of people with migraine may report neck pain during their attack, and 48% actually report [neck pain] before their attacks."

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Is neck pain a trigger or symptom?

Whether neck pain is a trigger or symptom of migraine is still not totally clear. But taking some time each day to stretch your neck and shoulders can help you relax both your body and your mind.

How can you release the tension?

In this video, I teach you three stretches to release your neck and shoulder tension:

  1. Shoulder circles
  2. Eagle arm flow
  3. Neck stretches

Take note of your neck and shoulder tension before and after this quick practice to see if you experience some added relief and relaxation.

Do your neck and shoulders feel tense often?

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