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Soothe Your Migraine Attack in 5 Minutes

Anyone else tend to freak out in the midst of a migraine attack?

The increasing head pain, sensitivity, moodiness, and irritability that I experience during a migraine attack mess with my head and body, no matter how many times I've experienced it.

Migraine attacks are incredibly painful, scary, and can quickly cause you to lose your cool and start to panic. Unfortunately, that fear and panic only serve to exacerbate your pain.

What can you do to soothe your migraine pain?

So instead of getting completely consumed by fear and anxiety during a migraine attack, here are two gentle nurturing practices you can do to calm your mind and soothe your pain in the midst of a migraine attack.

You'll learn:

  • The Butterfly Hug - gently tapping the chest with this EMDR technique can quickly and effectively calm your anxiety
  • Breath Awareness - connecting to a pleasant sensation like the breath can help lower the intensity of your pain
  • Positive Affirmations - communicating messages of safety and self-compassion can help de-escalate your pain

Calm your mind, soothe your migraine pain

These practices probably won't "get rid of" your migraine attack when you're in the thick of it, but they can stop your pain from getting worse and prevent your mind from spiraling into anxiety or depression. With repeated practice when you're NOT having a migraine attack, these simple but powerful strategies can help decrease the frequency and intensity of your migraine attacks over time.

I hope these soothing practices can offer you a smidge of relief when you have a migraine attack. Feel better soon.

What comforting measures do you take when you have a migraine attack?

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