Hand with scissors snips cigarette with smoke at the tip

How to Eliminate the Aroma of Cigarettes

The scent of cigarettes was seeping through the walls.

It’s not only an unpleasant aroma, but it’s a big migraine trigger for me. I was getting migraines every day, and, of course, the more migraines I have, the more likely it is that I’ll get another migraine. I had to find a solution. Unfortunately, the smoke was coming from our new neighbors who were smoking in their home, and while you can’t really tell someone what they can and can’t do in their own home, it was affecting our home and my health.

How did I eliminate the migraine-triggering smell?

I tried all the tricks, but nothing was working. Then I discovered portable home air purifiers. It was an investment, but it was well worth it because it kicked the aroma and, in the process, rids any other toxins and aromas in the air.

Have you found any tips or strategies for eliminating aromas that trigger your migraines?

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