Packages of snacks featuring people moving

Movement Snacks for Migraine

If you love snacks, you'll love movement snacks!

More and more research has been coming out confirming that exercise does not have to be long, intense, and practiced for a condensed block of time to be effective.1

Light exercise for those with migraine

The main goal for people living a sedentary life (that's most of us!) is to get out of their chairs every hour for a minute of movement.

There are huge health benefits to these five movement snacks that I will teach you, and they are especially helpful for people living with migraine who find regular exercise challenging.

Five accessible movement snacks

Get out of your chair and have fun with these accessible one-minute movement snacks, just for people with migraine:

  1. Butterfly Wings Upper Body Stretch
  2. Side Bends
  3. Neck Stretches
  4. Windmill Twists
  5. Hip Circles

You can do them all at once for five minutes or spread them out throughout your day one at a time. Enjoy!

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