What's Your Secret: How Do You Handle The Rare Well-Day?

For those of us living with chronic migraine, a well-day (or half-day, or moment) is a rare occurrence. When those times do arise, we are presented with a conundrum as to how to spend that precious time. 

How do we spend moments we're feeling okay?

Do we jump at the chance to tick off the long-overdue to-do list that has been building for days on end? Or, do we take a moment for self-care to try to replenish our reserves, made empty from the constant pain of migraine? There are repercussions that come with either choice, and Holly discusses them in the video below.

We'd like to hear if this resonates with you and, if so, how you handle this challenge in your own life. Please join the conversation in the comment section below so we can learn from you.

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