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My First Really Bad Migraine Attack

In this video I talk about my first really bad migraine attack. It involves some rookie mistakes and misunderstandings about migraine that I have definitely learned from.

First, sorry the cat was off camera! 🙂

Second, I’d love to hear if any of you have similar stories. Share in the comments below!

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  • Bilqis
    1 year ago

    migraines are the worst. People around me hear me complain all the time but they still don’t know the half of it. Am currently taking Epilim 1000mg per day. Some days it helps,other days…hmmm

  • Marg-raine
    1 year ago

    My first migraine was 30years ago. I thought I was dying as back then very little or no information was around. I literally could not stand up. I slid on my stomach to the drain in the bathroom and that’s where I stayed for hours. The floor was cold, room less light, and I vomited in the drain. (on own and no phones) . When I could get up had water and washed out for a few days.

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