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Medication Reset: Starting Over to See What’s Working

Have you considered going off of your medications? This is a question that can arise for those of us who live with migraine.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for migraine. In response, and in an earnest search for relief, we may add medication upon medication to our treatment strategy as we battle migraine over the years. This may result in a lack of clarity regarding what is actually working for us. Side effects of medications can sometimes rival the complex symptoms of migraine leading to the feeling that we are swimming in a migraine medication soup. Additionally, this condition can evolve over time, as can we, due to aging and hormonal changes.

How do you take a migraine treatment break?

A temporary break from our medications can help us gain clarity on what’s working and give us an updated picture of the severity and frequency of our condition. The actual logistics of taking a medication break are complicated (and can include detox) so need to be carefully considered and monitored by a doctor.

In this video, Holly discusses the various reasons people with chronic migraine might consider a temporary break from medications.

Going off of medications can be a significant undertaking and take major dedication and commitment. If this is something that you’re considering, it’s important to be under a doctor’s supervision.

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