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What's Your Secret: How to Handle Your Doctor's Retirement

It can take years to find the right migraine specialist. Establishing a good fit, a healthy dynamic and solid relationship is a journey. Working through various treatments can be exhausting and means being literally patient as the process of trial and error plays itself out. A long window of time can pass before trust is established. So, what happens when your doctor retires or moves away? Just the thought of having to start over with a new doctor can be terrifying for many of us.

In this What’s Your Secret Video, we explore this crossroads and ask the community for input and guidance as to how they have handled this reality in their lives.

Have you had to say goodbye to a good doctor who retired?

Have you been through this process? Is there anything that can be done to prepare in advance? In the comment section below, please share your experiences on the topic of how to handle your doctor's retirement so that we can learn from one another.

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