What's Your Secret: Surviving the Grocery Store with Migraine

The fluorescent lights alone can be enough to trigger or exacerbate a migraine for many of us at the grocery store, let alone smells and sounds. But we need food to live, right? Though triggers can be hard to avoid, in this What’s Your Secret video, we share six tips from one of our contributors that helps her survive the grocery store with a migraine (or without triggering one).

Lisa's grocery store tips for migraine:

  • Shield light with sunglasses, a hat, or other eye-wear
  • Block noise with headphones - you don't need to play music!
  • Eat before you go if not eating is a trigger
  • Go on off hours if possible to avoid crowds
  • Buy your cleaning products online so you don't need to enter the cleaning aisle
  • Bring a list to avoid brain-fog shopping mistakes or omissions

In the comment section below, please share your tips that help you survive the store with migraine so that we can learn from one another!

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