Migraine-Friendly Sweet Eats

Whether you’re searching for some candy to make migraine-friendly Easter baskets or simply trying to satisfy that sweet tooth, there are a growing number of options available.

Common migraine food triggers

Migraine triggers are highly unique to an individual, however, chocolate, nuts, artificial sweeteners, and coloring tend to be culprits for many migraineurs. So, in my search for a migraine-friendly easter basket, these suggestions are free of chocolate, nuts, artificial ingredients, as well as gluten, and dairy.

Potential trigger-free snacks

Migraine-friendly sweet eats:

  • Coconut rolled dates
  • Dairy-free caramel
  • Natural gummy candies
  • Fruit strips

Of course, it’s important to remember that candy is still candy, so this should always be balanced with a healthy diet.

Now it’s your turn! Please be sure to share your favorite migraine-friendly candy below so we can get ideas from you too.

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