Woman with ponytail closes blackout curtain over bright yellow light

Two Simple Strategies for Darkening a Room

Light sensitivity is an important issue to many people who deal with migraines. In our 2020 Migraine In America survey, 92% of respondents reported that light sensitivity was one of their most common symptoms during a migraine attack. Because of this, many of us try our best to set up a comfortable space to retreat to while we deal with an attack. The aforementioned survey also found that a dark room is used by 77% of respondents for treating their migraine attacks.

Tricks to create a migraine dark room

Many people in the migraine community have found their own tricks for darkening their rooms. Our contributor, Lisa, talks about two simple tools she uses to help keep the light out.

The tools she mentioned are called the "Nodpod" and "DREAM ART Anywhere Portable Blackout Curtain," and can be found on various e-commerce sites on the internet.

Do you have any tools or tricks you'd like to share? Post in the comments below!

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