What Happens When We Apologize for Migraine?

It’s very common to feel a sense of guilt when it comes to having migraine. The way the condition removes us from life and forces us to miss important events is very challenging.

How do we respond to missing out because of migraine?

We often end up apologizing for the condition which can lead to internalizing a sense of fault. Of course, in reality, we never asked for this condition and it impacts us far more negatively than anyone in our lives. Still, the instinct to apologize often takes over. In this video, Holly discusses this dynamic and offers a different way to approach those feelings of guilt. Migraine is the bad guy after all, not us.


We’d love to hear how you handle these feelings of guilt and fault. Do you get stuck in a cycle of apologizing? Please let us learn from you by sharing your experiences in the comment section below.

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