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Migraine-Friendly Sun Salutations

Yoga can be a highly effective complementary therapy for migraine relief, but not all yoga styles and poses are suitable for people living with migraine.

In this video, I will show you a migraine-friendly version of Sun Salutations, a common flowing series of poses that you will find in most yoga classes.

What makes it migraine friendly?

What makes it migraine-friendly, you ask?

This version of Sun Salutations eliminates inversions like Forward Fold and Downward-Facing Dog. Inversions (poses in which your head is lower than your heart) are a common migraine trigger for some people.

In addition, you are encouraged to take this flow as slow as you like and rest in Child's Pose. If moving quickly up and down is uncomfortable or makes you dizzy, move slowly and mindfully at a pace that feels good to you.

Do Sun Salutations help you?

I hope this practice offers you a helpful alternative to traditional Sun Salutations and makes yoga feel more accessible.

Have you practiced traditional Sun Salutations in yoga before? Have they ever affected your migraine symptoms?

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