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Kyky Knight- I caught myself tuning out of a pleasant conversation with a coworker recently, wherein we were discussing our evening plans and checking in generally with one another to see how each was doing since we last spoke. I was struggling to engage in an earnest way, because I was instead hyper-focused on the pain creeping up gradually through my teeth and eyes, and when I vaguely heard my co-worker comment on how bright and beautiful the sun was that morning, I thought to myself how incredibly painful it was to be standing directly in its gaze, staring at a computer... Read more


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Editorial Team- We asked our contributors a series of questions during Migraine Awareness Month. We asked, “Have your migraine attacks evolved or changed over time?”, and here’s more of what they had to share. Anna From episodic to chronic and back “Over the past five years, the pattern of my migraine attacks has changed dramatically. I’ve gone from having very sporadic episodic attacks, to being chronic for years, to being episodic, and — despite having all the tools to take proper care of myself — becoming chronic again. As a response to migraine I’ve gone from teaching full time, to teaching part... Read more

Holly Baddour- Many migraineurs are drawn to extreme temperature remedies for relief of pain. A heating pad or a cold compress can make all the difference when we are seeking comfort. In this video, we discuss a few options on the market for ice and cold relief.   Please join the conversation and share your secrets for using cold or hot therapy in the comment section below. We are here to learn from one another so don’t keep your strategies to yourself! If you have questions you’d like to pose to the Migraine.com community for the Read more

maria.deleon- Although it is only half way through January, I have had my fair share of migraines which I attribute to weather changes, poor sleep along with ineffective generic medications which I am forced to take rather than my usual brand. As the price of medicines rise, I along with anyone having to deal with insurances are sure to suffer many major migraines! As we faced financial challenges or poor migraine control we look for alternative treatments. Here is a list of supplement treatments I have found useful in my patients. Vitamin B2- riboflavin This is a vitamin that is produced... Read more

Elizabeth Roberts-Zibbel- In retrospect, scheduling a migraine study appointment two days before Christmas may not have been the smartest thing. I did have in mind that I wanted to get a new treatment before the holiday, especially since I suspected I received a placebo in November, but I hadn’t really considered how many people would be out on the road. Despite this, I felt cheery, still enjoying my new-to-me Rav4, listening to music loud, until I spotted the flashing LED sign that said, not “Watch for stopped traffic” which would have been bad enough, but ROAD CLOSED. Fortunately there was a major exit... Read more

Amanda Workman- This is one of those articles intended for the ones who love those of us in chronic pain, more than those of us in chronic pain. We know that it can sometimes be extremely difficult to love and be with someone who is in chronic pain for many reasons. Unfortunately we feel the burden of this more than anyone could ever explain to a non-suffer. This is a large part of why we battle depression in so many cases. Here are some things that can assist someone with loving or being with someone who is in chronic pain. Learn our... Read more

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I started getting migraine attacks at 19 and for several years just suffered through them unmedicated as best I could. The attacks (about 8 a year) lasted 5 days, with 3 days of intense throbbing pain and throwing up with no ability to keep down any food or water. At 24, I was introduced to Excedrin. This sometimes relieved the pain, but I very quickly became immune to any help from it and it seemed to worsen my attacks. A few years later, I discovered that Aleve (naproxen) could sometimes ward off an attack if taken early enough. This worked... Read more

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