Finally Getting Back to Gentle Yoga

I had another good hour-long yoga class yesterday. It was hard to believe that an entire week had passed since my last class!

Why did I feel guilty?

Of course, I started to give myself a hard time for not going to yoga several times a week, but within a few minutes, I refocused my thoughts and patted myself on the back for finally making the time and effort to go once a week. I'll build up to more classes as my body and schedule allow. (It helps ease the guilt when I see that the other relevant classes at my nearby studio are offered when I am working.)

What advice was I given for doing yoga with migraine?

The teacher gave me a couple of good tips for taking care of my head. The most important recommendation for yoga movements (according to her)? Try not to put my head below the rest of my body to avoid having the blood rush to my head. (For example, in child's pose, she thought it'd be good for me to rest my head on a soft yoga block instead of having it all the way down on the ground. As I detest the feeling of blood rushing to my head, I will take this advice!)

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