I Know a Migraine Attack is Coming on When...

Without a visual aura, it can be hard to tell when a migraine attack is coming on. These symptoms let me know what’s on the way before the pain hits. Not every one is present in every attack, but at least a few sound the alarm in time for me to take acute meds when they are most effective. Your indications of an oncoming attack may be different or less numerous, but you likely have them, too. Even if you’ve identified some, you may have more that you’re not aware of. It took me ages to uncover all of mine… and I bet I’m still missing some. I’ve shared my list in the hope it might help others find their own migraine warning signs.

My migraine warning signs

  • The waist of my pants or my bra strap suddenly feels too tight
  • My left ear itches then starts to ache
  • It feels like there's something in my left eye
  • My teeth become ultra sensitive
  • I slump over in my seat, unable to hold myself upright
  • I yawn uncontrollably
  • My eyes water
  • My feet get cold
  • I cannot remember simple words
  • I lose my train of thought repeatedly
  • I cannot comprehend or follow an article or discussion I would normally be able to understand just fine
  • I get clumsy, dropping things and walking into walls
  • I make typos because I can’t get my fingers to hit the correct keys on the keyboard
  • A simple task like taking out the trash or getting up to get ready for bed feels impossible
  • Lights seem too bright
  • Sounds seem too loud
  • Odors seem overwhelmingly (and disgustingly) strong
  • I hallucinate odors
  • My vision gets blurry
  • My smile becomes lopsided

How do you know when a migraine is coming on? Please leave a comment to add yours to the list.

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