Longest, Most Resistant Attack in Quite A While

Early Thursday evening, my brain started to fluctuate between pre-migraine mode and healthy mode. As I sat on the phone with my sister around eleven p.m., mild, steady pain and congestion set in, and I decided to go to bed in the hopes that sleep would restore me to normalcy.

Did the migraine subside in the morning?

I woke up around 6:30 the next morning and took a Maxalt. Two hours later, I was on the way to my babysitting charges' house and took another, as the first did nothing to help. The pain dissipated soon after, and I had a VERY sleepy morning with E., the three-year-old I was watching all day while her brothers and parents went to Six Flags. I felt bad for being so out of it, but that's what Maxalt does - especially when I have to take two. E. and I watched Sesame Street, and I lay down, trying to relax a bit.

What happened in the afternoon?

In the afternoon, we went to my house to meet up with Jim. Later we headed to a local park where there's a swimming beach and small lake. The sand was so bright the reflection of the sun off the water was blinding my eyes even though I had a hat pulled low over my head. I knew the migraine was on its way back. It set in earnest that evening, and I fell asleep after E. went to bed, waiting for her family to get home so I could get to my own bed.

How much Maxalt did I take that day?

My Maxalt allowance is three per 24 hours, though I very rarely take more than one (let alone two) in a day. I took one before bed because the pain was distracting me from sleep.

Was the attack gone the next morning?

Around 4 AM, I woke up with a groggy head but no pain! At 9, I woke up for real and felt like crap.

The pain had come back. Three Maxalts, one naproxen, one Lortab, and lots of sleep didn't cure this menstrual migraine. It hasn't been this bad in such a long time! I made a pot of coffee and took a nasal decongestent this morning and feel much better, but not up to par. I had to cancel an important bookstore meeting at noon and said no to hanging out with a friend. Tonight is my friends' wedding reception (they got married last week) and I really hope I'm well enough to go.

The end.

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