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Weather: Your worst migraine trigger

As part of our “in a word series” we recently asked the community to let us know: “In a word, what is your worst migraine trigger: ________ “ If you have not yet join the conversation and told us what your worst migraine trigger is it is never too late! Let us know by responding to this post.

As’s expert Dr Whyte mentioned in his article about migraine and weather, while studies on the relationship between migraine and weather have never shown consistency, he also noted that the fact is that, migraine attacks triggered by weather changes have been reported in up to 75% of sufferers (some of the latest study results can be found here: Should the weather forecast include a migraine alert?). The community echos these findings, reporting that weather changes, barometric pressure, heat and rain are their worst triggers.

weather migraine trigger
Worst migraine trigger word cloud

After weather-related triggers, stress was reported as the second worst migraine trigger. While Teri Robert recently discussed the current controversy surrounding stress being recognized or not as a migraine trigger, it is clear based on your answer that stress is perceived to be a common migraine trigger for you. (your can read Teri’s article here: Expert Answer: How can I manage triggers such as stress & environmental changes) Stay tuned for more from Teri on stress and migraines!

Most of you will not be surprised to see bright lights, sensitivity to smells, sleep, certain types of food such as MSG, chocolate and aged cheeses as some other worst migraine triggers for our community members.

Regardless of if the weather, barometric pressure, stress, food, wine is your worst migraine trigger, it is important for migraine sufferers to keep track of their attacks in a migraine journal and share the information with their migraine specialist. The Migraine Girl recently discussed her personal experience with keeping a journal here: Using a migraine diary can be a real wake-up call.

You can find more information on migraine triggers in the Migraine triggers special report, and we will continue to bring you more articles on specific migraine triggers, and how to cope and manage them.

Thanks again for being part of the community, and for allowing us to learn from your experiences!


  • Megan Kaye Freeman
    8 years ago

    ice, storms, more than5-6 hours of sleeps, in activity.

  • Kelly
    8 years ago

    barometric for sure, certain perfumes, and sleep pattern problems.

  • Elaine Gross
    8 years ago

    Worst for me is bright light.

  • Ananga Manjari Devi Dasi
    8 years ago

    The worst triggers for me are Dairy, Orange juice. The wether does not affect me, well upon saying that it depends upon the light now that does trigger an attack. especially if the light is quite strong……Shame its not like the T.V. where I can turn the contrast or brighness down.

  • Leese
    8 years ago

    Weather fronts, heat, bright lights, strong odors (perfume!!), are my worst triggers. Right now, I am on day 3 of a cluster headache attack. *sigh* I just want it to go away!!!

  • John Stromberger
    8 years ago

    Disturbance in sleep pattern.

  • Melinda Boumans
    8 years ago

    For iPhone users, there’s a great app called MigraineMate that tracks migraine risk based on weather patterns. Worth a look for the barometrically sensitive.

  • Ben-Hur Ludlum
    8 years ago

    Barometric changes.

  • Beverly Roudebush
    8 years ago

    weather is a big trigger.

  • Waynette Nichols
    8 years ago

    barometric pressure.

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